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All puppies sold by B'Lee's Shar-Pei are in good health at the time of sale, including all appropriate shots for the puppies age. If any health problems are discovered, the buyer should contact B'Lee immediately to help determine the issue.

I stand behind all my dogs. Since there is no Test or Cure for the disease Amyloidosis, I will replace any puppy/dog that I have sold to you if the said dog/puppy dies from the disease Amyloidosis, PROVIDED that you keep in touch with me during the time that your dog is sick so that I can help make sure that the said dog is being treated the best that the dog can be treated. (If a dog lives to be 9-10 or older and dies of Kidney Failure (Amyloidosis) then that dog has lived to be of what is considered a long life for a Chinese Shar-Pei.)

Stay in touch with me if you have any kind of problems so I can correct them. I try to breed the best Shar-Pei possible and I would like a dog to have a second opinion when at all possible.

If a puppy receives the Lepto Vaccine then all guarantees are Null and VOID. The Lepto vaccine isn't considered a core or required vaccine for dogs. Shar-Per has been known to have fevers and other reactions to the Lepto Vaccine.


B'Lee shall not be held responsible for any health problems arising from improper care or accidental injury after the sale."

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