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aka Better Business Bureau

BBB File Opened:   7/30/2008
Years in Business:  37
Business Started:  1/1/1986
Accredited Since: 10/9/2018

Better Business Bureau Blee SharPei

B'Lee is proud to have an A+ rating with BBB as dog breeder and has been accredited since 2018.  B'Lee has been in business since 1986.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization founded in 1912. BBB's mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust, consisting of 97 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the International Association of Better Business Bureaus (IABBB) in Arlington, Virginia.

Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agency. Businesses that affiliate with BBB and adhere to its standards do so through industry self-regulation. To avoid bias, BBB's policy is to refrain from recommending or endorsing any specific business, product or service.

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