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The Beginning - B'Lee's Story

How did it all start?

The story for B'Lee is like many with the love of the Shar-Pei breed. This is her story on how she got started loving and caring for the Shar-Pei breed.

My aunt had bought 2 Shar-Pei. At the time she lived in KY. She bought them from a Shar-Pei Breeder in OH. I always said, if I ever get a chance, I’m gonna get one. Well, I went to look at a stud colt in Quitman MS and the lady’s husband was a Vet. She asked me if I would come to the clinic first and then she would go and show me the colt. On the walls of the Clinic had pics of different breeds of dogs. She had a pic of Shar-Pei. I made the comment “if I ever see one of these (SP) in real life I’m gonna get one. Well Sue said. That can be arranged too!!


So in 1986 I bought a Stud Colt and a Shar-Pei female puppy!! I called her Cheng Chang. She went EVERYWHERE with me including Horse Shows and Cattle Shows. I just wanted to breed her one time and keep a puppy!! Well, I bred her twice and kept 2 females - one from each litter!! That was my start of my love for breeding and the desire to help the breed! I wanted to help the breed because it had a lot of problems when it came to the US. Bad temperaments, skin and eyes. Mine had good skin and the 3 females I had were typical Shar-Pei. Aloft to strangers and would bite if someone messed with me. Mine had good eyes.


My love for the qualities of the breed and the desire to help improve the health issues is what motivated me to focus on great eyes and skin with the ones that I would have in my kennel.  To this day, I remain focused on great eyes and work hard to breed the best of the best in my kennels. 

My love for horses, the rodeo life, farm & country and Disney is part of who I am today.  Breeding Shar-Pei is just one of my loves in this world.  My dogs and where they are homed are very important to me meaning its not just a puppy being sold to me.  I want pictures and communication with owners letting me know how the dogs are doing.  I love to see them when they are older and how the quality of the breed continues to improve year over year.

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