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  • Breeding for Quality and Soundness Since 1986

  • Excellent Bloodlines, OFA Guaranteed

  • Excellent Disposition and Eyes

  • No Skin Problems

  • Stud Service Available

  • Show and Pet Quality puppies available

  • Adults available occasionally

  • All puppies are guaranteed by contracts

B'Lee SharPei logo
B'Lee Shar-Pei Contract
All puppies come with a contract


All puppies are sold with a Contract. B'Lee stands by ALL her puppies with a guarantee.


B'Lee Shar-Pei Microchip Included
All puppies come with a microchip


Puppies are micro-chipped with AKC REUNITED MICROCHIP


B'Lee Shar-Pei Shots
All puppies come with  shots


All puppies have their Puppy Shots appropriate for their ages upon ownership transfer.


B'Lee has been breeding Chinese Shar-Pei since 1986. Since then she has shipped many dogs  that are now residing in different countries all over the world. Kennel name is B'LEE'S. 

Shar-Pei Breeder since 1986. B'lee also Breed Corriente Cattle & Team Rope.

B'Lee has become a top choice for Shar-Pei lovers to find their favorite breed.

B'Lee's Shar-Pei has been shipping puppies all over the world for many decades.  However, lately the airlines are particular about certain breeds that they will allow to fly therefore each dog and destination would have to be looked at on a case by case basis.

For those interested in a Shar-Pei dog or puppy, our farm is in close proximity to many areas along the Gulf Coast. With only a few hours drive from many areas, most people find it easier to make the drive in the comfort of their own vehicle to pick up their puppy allowing for a better experience for the puppy's ride to its forever home.

B'Lee's Shar-Pei Kennels is an easy ride from New Orleans, LA to get your puppy. Shar-Pei puppies available with easy access from anywhere on the Gulf Coast including Mobile,AL, Tallahassee,FL, Atlanta,Ga, New Orleans,LA and Baton Rouge,LA.

Of course locals in Mississippi, Biloxi,MS Hattiesburg,MS Ocean Springs,MS are some of the few that would only have an hour ride to B'Lee's Kennels.

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