B'Lee's Shar-Pei

Breeding Chinese Shar-Pei Since 1986. Ph# (800)843-4115

All puppies are sold with a Contract. I stand by ALL my puppies. I would hope that all buyers of my puppies keep in touch with pictures, etc.

The main thing that I guarantee my puppies for is the disease called Amyloidosis—also known as Shar-Pei Fever. This is a disease that affects only the Shar-Pei Breed.  Puppies/Dogs that have been proven that they have this disease I will replace this puppy/dog with equal or better quality. There will be several things that will be need to be done so that I can make sure that I help my breeding program with the results of the said puppy when it has expired.( Hopefully, those things will never have to happen).

Shipping can be done worldwide

BASIC SHIPPING - puppies Basic shipping for puppies is $250 Shipping crate is $80 but is refundable if the crate is returned back. The total is $330

LARGER PUPPIES - 4-6 months old 4-6 months old $300 for shipping and the crate is $100 - Crate refundable as soon as the crate is received back or you can elect to keep the crate for the $100.00 deposit. Total is $400

Pet Quality Puppies
Pet Quality Puppies are puppies that are sold strictly for a family pet. These puppies will have their AKC papers but they will be marked “Limited Registration” which means “Not for Breeding”. Certain Guarantees will come with this type of puppy.

Breeding Quality Puppies
Breeding Quality Puppies are puppies that are sold for the purpose of the purchaser being able to breed this puppy when this puppy is old enough. These puppies will have NO Major Faults. These puppies will not be Perfect by any means—but they will be as Perfect as can be. There are a lot of Guarantees that come with this type puppy. Breeding Quality puppies have Full Registration with AKC and will also be able to be shown.

Show Quality Puppies
Show Quality Puppies are puppies that are sold for the purpose of the purchaser to show the said puppy. I do not guarantee” Show Puppies” to finish - mainly because of Politics.  The puppy will not have any Major Faults and will have Full Registration with AKC.  Also, most Show Quality puppies have been nominated for the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America Futurity and Maturity. Puppies that are 6 months or older may have already been shown and may AKC points. These puppies will also have a lot of guarantees.